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The MCB Program features many activities to enhance a student’s academic understanding, to build a supportive community, and to have fun.

The MCB Community


Friday Fun

Friday Pizza!

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At MCB we enjoy pizza and we enjoy beer, so we combined this shared love into a weekly TGIF!

The Rhinocup


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Not only are we scientists, we are athletes too! At least we like to think we are. Every summer members of MCB (and guests) form teams of all skill levels and compete for the prestigious Rhino Cup.

Friday Talks @4

Lecture Series

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During the school year, our students and postdocs share their research with the rest of the department in our MCB Friday Talks. Immediately afterwards, we all gather for TGIF.

Thursday Seminars

Lecture Series

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During the semester we hold a lecture series of guest speakers from the USA and abroad. Free coffee and cookies!

Holiday Party

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We love to have fun inside the lab and out of it. And when we party, there’s usually karaoke involved.

MCB Retreat

Annual Retreat

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Once a year the whole department gets together for a retreat full of Science, Socializing and Sun!


Lecture Series

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A PhD or postdoc in biology can prepare you for a range of careers. MCB hosts regular events exploring those career options.