Harvard University COVID-19 updates

Resources Library


Greetings from the library! If you are a RefWorks user you have probably gotten an email telling you that the university will no longer be supporting RefWorks as of June 30; we have now been given a grace period through December. We would be happy to work with any of you to transition to another reference management tool such as EndNote or F1000. HOLLIS Classic has been replaced by HOLLIS, a new interface for the library catalog and other library links.

For support, please contact Mary Sears or Connie Rinaldo (research and reference; orientations). For in-person library assistance or to use the biosciences book and (print) journal collection, visit the Ernst Mayr Library at 26 Oxford Street, 2nd floor, Cambridge, MA 02138. Phone 617-495-2475. Click for current hours or find more in-depth info at Mayr Library.