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Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

The 2021 Harvard Commencement ceremony is taking place virtually.

The graduating class of 2021 has faced a litany of challenges. Remote learning required many adjustments, and the closure of Harvard’s labs created additional obstacles for students pursuing thesis work, including twice-weekly testing and occupancy limits once the labs did reopen. Nevertheless, Class of ‘21 persisted.

Many students launched their own internet-based initiatives in response to the crisis or led efforts to reorganize existing projects. Some members of the graduating class found that the unusual circumstances created opportunities for friends and roommates to bond, for budding scientists to pursue intriguing questions through remote research, and for introspection and growth.

Everyone in MCB is proud of class of ‘21, not just because of their resourcefulness and resilience, but also because of their extraordinary accomplishments. We would like to take a few moments to celebrate all graduating students, including the MCO graduate students, the undergraduates from the MCB, CPB, and Neuroscience concentrations, and everyone who conducted their thesis work in an MCB lab.

Please enjoy the videos– all remotely produced ‘in-house’ productions– below and join us in congratulating the Class of 2021!

update 05.28.2021

Mary Richardson produced and shared the animation of the graduating seniors from the Eddy lab; Abby Joseph (MCB) and Daphne Kaxiras (Applied Math). Not shown is Jackson Walker (Applied Math)

Members of the CPB and MCB concentrations have produced something special for their graduating seniors. Enjoy!