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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 MCB Staff Badminton Tournament!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 MCB Staff Badminton Tournament!

1st – LJ Connelly (MCB/CBS Core Admin – Finance) and Alex Gonsalves (Northwest Building – Shipping and Receiving )

2nd – Katie Scrocca (MCB Core Admin – MCB Graduate Programs) and Matt Hey (Northwest Building – Shipping and Receiving )

3rd – John Kropowensky (MCB Core Admin – Undergraduate Programs) and Jolene Seme (MCB Lab Admin – Cluzel-, Gibbs-, Losick- and Erikson Labs)

4th – Jack Rizutko (MCB Core Admin – Main Office) and Taliesin Lenhart (Research Staff – Losick Lab)

5th – Sid Paula (FAS Environmental Health and Safety) and Phil Norton (Biological Labs – Building Operations)

6th – Fanuel Muindi (MCB Core Admin – MCB Graduate Programs) and Ronnie Mugimu (MCB Core Admin – Finance)

7th – Ilyana Sawka (MCB Lab Admin – Rob Lue Lab) and Carlos Romero Jr. (Rob Lue Lab – LabXchange)

8th – Holly Martz (MCB Lab Admin –Murthy- and Uchida Labs)  and Jinny Herrera (MCB Core Admin – Finance)

9th – Veronica Chudik (MCB Lab Admin – Eddy Lab) and Andy Banadyga (MCB Core Admin – Lab Services)

10th – Audrey Dallmeyer (MCB Lab Admin – Bellono- and Hunter Labs) and Carly Stevens (Rob Lue Lab – LabXchange)

11th – John Quevedo-Morales (MCB Core Admin – Finance) and Giselle Grenier (MCB Lab Admin – Hensch and Dowling Labs)

12th – Jack Conlin (MCB Core Admin – Lab Services/AV Technician) and Dominic Mao (MCB Academics – Undergraduate Studies,CPB and MCB Concentrations)

13th – Young-Ok Shoemake (MCB Core Admin – Finance) and Clark Magnan (LS Undergraduate Teaching Labs)

A special thank you to the judges of this event!

MCO students Rockwell Anyoha (Hoekstra Lab), Julien Barrere (Murthy Lab), Alyson Ramirez (Srivastava Lab), and Kumaresh Krishnan (Engert Lab)


This year the Badminton Tournament wanted to celebrate the diverse origins of the departmental staff. The theme of “origins” decided how the teams would be compiled, with each person being paired with the person whose origin most closely matched theirs. For example, the winning team of Alex Gonsalves and LJ Connelly were “Team South Shore”, hailing from Quincy and Weymouth respectively. Other teams were “Team Western Mass” (Carly and Audrey), “Team Africa” (Ronnie and Fanuel), Team NYC (Ilyana and Carlos), etc. The cake represented the diverse origins of the department, with flags from around the globe that each represent one, or many individuals, from our team.

by John Kropowensky

List of previous winners

LJ Connelly (l) and Alex Gonsalves

LJ Connelly (l) and Alex Gonsalves