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Grand Opening of BioLounge on Friday

Grand Opening of BioLounge on Friday

Enjoy coffee, conversation, and a ribbon cutting this Friday, June 9th at 10 am in the BioLounge! This newly renovated space, by the main entrance and outside the Lecture Hall of the BioLabs Building, is intended to facilitate interdisciplinary communication and provide espresso to students and staff of MCB, OEB, and the BioLabs building.

“Great science often happens at the interface between different fields and different people,” said MCB chair Alex Schier. “And random encounters often bring fresh inspiration and catalyze new collaborations. It has therefore been my mission to help increase interactions within MCB, and between MCB and OEB, other departments and centers. The BioLounge is the culmination of this three-year effort – it is a beautiful space for people in the BioLabs to come together.”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday will be performed by Schier and OEB chair Elena Kramer, and free mugs will be offered to those who attend. After the ceremony, coffee supplies and the espresso machine will be available M-F, 8-4. Please bring your own mug or you can use one of the BioLounge’s reusable mugs.

“I hope that the BioLounge will be the birthplace for great ideas,” said Schier. “And I raise the following challenge for all of us: whenever you come to the BioLounge, talk with one person you have never talked with before.”