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How to Help Ukraine: Links & Resources

How to Help Ukraine: Links & Resources

The MCB community, along with the rest of the world, has been watching attacks on Ukraine escalate. The events have left many people shaken and unsure how to help.

On Monday, Harvard’s President Lawrence Bacow introduced a panel organized by the Ukrainian Research Institute organized. “Institutions devoted to the perpetuation of democratic ideals and to the articulation of human rights have a special responsibility to condemn such wanton aggression,” Bacow said. “Harvard will continue to support, in whatever ways we can, members of our community who face grave uncertainty. We will continue to share knowledge of Ukraine and advance understanding of its culture, history, and language. And we will continue to speak against cruelty and to act with compassion as we hold to hope for the resolution of this crisis and, ultimately, for the liberation of the people of Ukraine…Today the Ukrainian flag flies over Harvard Yard. Harvard University stands with the people of Ukraine.” A recording of the full panel is available here.

We’ve compiled a list of resources and fundraising efforts that are seeking donations. (This list is still growing.)

Humanitarian Relief for Displaced Persons

UNICEF: Children in Crossfire of Ukraine Crisis: Fundraiser to Provide Supplies and Support to Children and Families in Eastern Ukraine

International Rescue Committee: Fundraiser to Support Displaced Families arriving in Poland

Amnesty International: Fundraiser to Support Displaced People Within Ukraine

Catholic Relief Services: Fundraiser to Assist Displaced People

CARE Ukraine Crisis Fund: Fundraiser to Provide Supplies (Such as Water, Food, Hygiene Items, etc.) to People Affected by the Conflict

Malteser International: Fundraiser for Hands-on Support for the Suffering People in Ukraine

Save the Children:  Fundraiser to Support Humanitarian Programs Aiming to Reach 3.5 Million Children and Their Families with Immediate Aid and Recovery

PCPM (Polish Center for International Aid): Fundraiser to Finance the Work of Ukrainian Humanitarian Workers Who Cooperate On-site With the Polish Foundation

Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (Fundraiser by gofundme): All Donations Raised Will be Distributed to Verified Nonprofit Organizations Supporting Vulnerable Communities

IFAW (Animal rescue/shelter): Fundraiser to Purchase Desperately Needed Dog Food

USA for UNHCS (UN Refugee Agency): Fundraiser to Provide Humanitarian Aid to Save Lives and Relieve Suffering

Global Community of Laboratories That Can Host Ukrainian Scientists at All Career Levels  Link to Register Your Lab

Housing for Ukrainian Refugees

Medical Support

Doctors Without Borders: Providing Medical Assistance to People in Ukraine

Sunflower of Peace: Fundraiser to Provide Tactical Medical Backpacks and Supplies

Razom for Ukraine: Fundraiser to Provide Emergency Response and Tactical Medical Training in Ukraine

Voices of Children: A Ukrainian Organization Providing Psychological Support to Children Affected by the Conflict

Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (organized by gofundme): All Donations Raised Will be Distributed to Verified Nonprofit Organizations Supporting Vulnerable Communities

Political Actions

Write to & Call Your Representatives in Congress: Americans can ask their government to impose further sanctions on Russia

Petition Calling on NATO to Close Airspace Over Ukraine

StopPutin.net: A calendar of rallies in support of Ukraine happening around the world

Information & Resources

Razom for Ukraine: Webpage run by a Ukraine-based nonprofit. They include links to severa fundraisers and fact sheets

EU Reporter: An open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine

San Diego County Office of Education: This public school system has compiled a list of resources for educators and families who wish to discuss the Ukraine Crisis with children

Chemical & Engineering News: “Scientists react to Russian invasion of Ukraine”

The Kyiv Independent: A English-language newspaper founded by independent journalists covering events in Ukraine. You can also support them by joining their Patreon.

Ukraine World: Independent English-language multimedia project that covers issues affecting Ukraine. You can also support them via Patreon.

Liveuamap (map & feed open source news platform)

Additional information and resources provided by Harvard’s Ukrainian Research Institute

Petition to Harvard to Support Students Affected by the War in Ukraine