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Israel – Gaza Conflict

Israel – Gaza Conflict

Like President Gay, we in MCB condemn the terrorist atrocities perpetrated by Hamas and wish to express our shock at the horrors and suffering unfolding since then in Israel and Gaza. The escalating war in the Middle East has impacts felt broadly across our Harvard, FAS, and departmental communities. 

Some members of our community are very directly and deeply affected, and many others are experiencing strong emotions including sadness, fear, and outrage. 

As always, and especially in moments like these, it is important to be respectful of and kind to each other. It is also important to reach out for help if you need it, and to support friends and colleagues in need including by referring them to the support services shared broadly by Harvard leadership in the past week.

In addition, MCB community members have started to compile information about groups that provide humanitarian support for the people in Israel and Gaza. You are welcome to add additional ones to that LIST.

A Message from President Claudine Gay (10.13.2023)