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Lichtman Lab to Host Open House on April 14!

Lichtman Lab to Host Open House on April 14!

Students, postdocs, staff, and faculty are invited to join the Lichtman Lab for an Open House on Friday, April 14. The event will include tours of the lab, presentations by members of the lab as part of the Friday Talks @4 series, followed by a session of TGIF also hosted by the Lichtman Lab.  

The Lichtman Lab is one of the globally leading labs pushing the scale of ultra-high-resolution imaging of brain tissue to reconstruct neuronal circuitry at the synapse level. Using some of the most advanced electron microscopes in the world, they can image tissue samples exceeding one cubic millimeter in size with the goal of reconstructing all connections between all cells in the tissue. This includes whole brains of small organisms like C. elegans worms and zebrafish, as well as parts of larger brains like mouse brains and even human brains. In collaboration with Google, they recently acquired and processed a dataset of human cortex which consists of over one Petabyte of image data, the largest dataset of this kind in existence. In addition, the Lichtman Lab is working on novel staining techniques to map specific proteins of interest in the electron-microscopic data. 

The Open House events are an outreach effort by the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging community task force, aimed at helping the entire MCB community – scientists as well as non-scientists– to learn more about the labs.  

Tours of the Lichtman Lab will take place at 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM. Sign-ups for the tour sessions are HERE. The tour groups will meet in the Northwest building B101 for quick introductions.  

Graduate student Xiaomeng Han and postdoc Evelina Sjöstedt will present their research at 4:00 PM in the BioLabs’ Lecture Hall, 1080, and the lectures will be followed by a session of TGIF in the BioLounge.  

Jeff Lichtman

Lichtman Lab