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MCB Professor Wins Top Neuroscience Award

MCB Professor Wins Top Neuroscience Award

MCB professor Joshua Sanes has won this year’s Gruber Neuroscience Prize; a valuable international award given by the Society for Neuroscience and funded by Yale University’s Gruber Foundation. The prize, worth $500,000, was established in 2004 to reward scientists who have made important discoveries about the nervous system.

According to the Gruber Foundation, Sanes has been honored “for his pioneering and inspiring work on synapse formation. Josh Sanes has used both the neuromuscular junction and more recently the retina to provide fundamental insights into the mechanisms and molecules that drive synapse formation…Sanes’ elegant approaches and results have led to seminal and highly influential new ideas about synapse formation and the specificity of connections.”

“My MCB colleagues and I congratulate Josh on the Gruber Prize and on his many contributions to the field of neural circuit formation,” said MCB chair Alex Schier. “Josh has not only been an exceptional scientist, but has also made important contributions to building the outstanding neuroscience community we now have in MCB and CBS.”