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We are pleased to announce the arrivals of new MCB faculty members: Erin O’Shea, Alex Schier, Kevin Eggan, Victoria D’Souza, and Naoshige Uchida.

Erin O’Shea, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; and Codirector, Bauer Center for Genomics Research, focuses on systems level and molecular analysis of signaling pathways, the logic of transcriptional control, and proteomics. She joins MCB from the University of California at San Francisco.

The O’Shea lab is located on the third floor of the Bauer Center. Peter Arvidson is the lab administrator.

Alex Schier, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, joins MCB from the Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine in New York City. Schier uses zebrafish as a model system to study how signals control embryogenesis and how an organism senses potentially harmful stimuli.

The Schier lab is located on the first floor of Bio Labs. Li Yang is the lab administrator.

Kevin Eggan, formerly a Junior Fellow working in association with the Melton lab, joins MCB as an Assistant Professor. Eggan uses cloning technology to investigate basic developmental processes and model human genetic disease. His research focuses on understanding how genes are regulated early in mammalian development and on the generation of cell-based models for Parkinson’s disease and ALS.

The Eggan lab is located on the fourth floor of Sherman Fairchild. Paul Cassidy is the lab administrator.

Joining MCB in 2006

Victoria D’Souza has been appointed Assistant Professor and will join MCB from the University of Maryland in 2006. Her area of research focuses on the structural biology of retroviral replication: initiation of reverse transcription and suppression of translation. Of special interest are retroviruses such as HIV and HTLV, which cause AIDS and cancer, respectively.

Naoshige Uchida, from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, will be an Assistant Professor in the Center for Brain Science and MCB. Uchida studies the neuronal mechanisms of olfactory processing and decision making using chronic multineuron recordings and psychophysical behavioral paradigms in rodents.

Please join us in welcoming our new faculty to the MCB community.


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