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MCB’s Annual Gift Drive Will Collect Donations and Gift Cards for Rosie’s Place

MCB’s Annual Gift Drive Will Collect Donations and Gift Cards for Rosie’s Place

For the third year in a row, MCB decided to support Rosie’s Place, the oldest women shelter in the United States and a place where women and their children can go to receive help. Our department is collecting donations on behalf of Rosie’s Place now through December 15.

Now more than ever, reaching out to those in need can make an enormous difference. The pandemic has left many people without stable jobs or a regular income. Even for those who are continuing to work, homes are not always safe environments, meaning that resources like Rosie’s Place are more vital than ever. Our donations will make a difference.

In past years, we’ve collected clothing donations for Rosie’s Place, but this year the emphasis will be on money and gift cards. Leaders from Rosie’s Place have asked for cash donations, hand sanitizer, face masks, and $25 gift cards to CVS, Target, or Walgreens.

For hand sanitizer and face masks, there are two drop-off locations: in the BioLabs you will find a box in front of room BL 4000. In the Northwest building, a box can be found in front of room NW 469. Please do not leave gift cards or money inside those boxes.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, either make a check out to “Rosie’s Place” and send it to Renate Hellmiss’s office (16 Divinity Ave, room 2058, Cambridge, MA 02138) or send it via Venmo to Kelsey Cox. (Her Venmo handle is @Kelsey-Cox-15, and include “Rosie’s Place” in the description for clarity.)

Gift certificates should also be sent to Renate Hellmiss’s office.

We will collect items and donations until December 15, and everything will be delivered to Rosie’s Place on December 16.

Though socially distanced, MCB is still a community poised to make a difference. Please join us in contributing to this year’s Gift Drive!