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MCB’s Annual Gift Drive Will Support the Embrace-A-Family Program

MCB’s Annual Gift Drive Will Support the Embrace-A-Family Program

The end of the year is a time to reflect, rush to finish projects, prepare for the upcoming holidays or yearn for the University to close for the last week of the year.

There are a few end-of-year traditions that MCB has upheld even during the pandemic. Each of us has charities or groups that we support, but there is always one MCB has supported as a group.

Over the years, we have successfully collected turkeys, clothing, toys, and many other items as well as money to present to local groups.  This year, we voted for the Embrace-A-Family program that is run by Boston Children’s Hospital to support the families of their young patients.

Children from around the world travel to this hospital to receive treatment. However, for many family members who accompany them, it is simply too expensive to pay for the food or accommodations that they might need. In many cases, people have to take a leave of absence from their jobs and have to go without a salary and money is tight. That is where this program can help and one of us has received support from them and would like to return this amazing surprise-gift that made such a difference in her life.

Holly Fulginiti, the Administrative Lab Coordinator for the Prigozhin, Uchida, and Sompolinsky labs, moved from Louisiana to Boston to be closer to Boston Children’s Hospital where her now 13-year old son Dylan receives treatment. Dylan is currently at Children’s after undergoing his 95th procedure. Holly has spent many long days and nights in the hospital with her child and it would not be the first time that they would also spend the holidays there.

When Holly had to leave her family and job behind to spend another Christmas with Dylan at Children’s, she received a gift certificate from the Embrace-A-Family program that allowed her to not only purchase food for her family but also Christmas gifts for her children. Prior to that trip to Boston, she had to tell her children that they would not be able to celebrate that year.

Even years later, she still remembers what it felt like to receive this surprise gift certificate from Embrace-A-Family: “I will never forget how impactful this program has been to my family. It empowered me during a hard time to know that I was not a failure as I was able to provide them with a Christmas after all.” says Fulginiti. “I personally feel that this program is so special to families of medically complex children because it allows us to purchase meaningful items specifically for our children versus the hospital randomly picking a gift and giving it to them. This program helps us provide for our children during times that we otherwise would not be able to do so.”

Because of that experience, Holly voted for Embrace-A-Family Program. Though there were several other suggestions, the majority of our votes went toward supporting this charitable cause.

To provide your support, simply click here and make a monetary donation and within minutes you will receive a receipt.

Our goal is to fundraise $5,000 by December 16th, 2022. With that amount, 25 families of 4 will be able to receive a gift certificate from the Embrace-A-Family program.

And for a little extra support…

Holly shared that her son loves to receive mail cards and since he is currently in the hospital, he could really use some. Please write a note, draw a picture or just say hello and wish Dylan a speedy recovery and drop it off at Holly’s desk in the NW building, Suite 445.

Thank you for all your support!

Should you have any questions, please contact Audrie Cortes at acortes@fas.harvard.edu