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New Fellowship Program with Center for Brain Science

New Fellowship Program with Center for Brain Science

The NTT Research Foundation announced the new Harvard University Center for Brain Science-NTT Fellowship Program in the field of Physics of Intelligence. The Fellowship will bolster studies bridging computer science, brain science, and physics, building on the continuing research themes in natural and artificial intelligence that NTT and CBS have pursued together since 2021.

“We at CBS are very excited about – and grateful for – this generous gift from NTT Reseach, which we hope will catalyze the study of what we are calling the “Physics of Intelligence”. A large part of this gift will go towards creating an independent fellows’ program to support young scientists working at the intersection of physics, brain science, computer science, and more,”  says CBS Director and MCB Professor Venkatesh Murthy.

Murthy adds that it is impossible to escape news of the amazing developments in the study of intelligent behaviors in animals and machines. “Many of these breathtaking advances are based on very clever engineering and empirical observations, but there is growing interest in understanding these behaviors from analytical and theoretical points of view,” he says. “Physics-style approaches have long been successful at explaining many natural phenomena, and it seems reasonable to apply them to study intelligence.”