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Stay Connected_Kendall Winters

Stay Connected_Kendall Winters

Kendall Winters

For the last four years, I have worked in the Sciences as part of  Harvard University’s Information Technology Team. Since I work as a Field Tech in the Northwest Building as well as the Biolabs, I basically know almost everyone—and their stories– in MCB and ‘deserve’ to share how I have been doing.

Home Office

The first priority to work from home was to get more power, a better computer, so that I could support all the people who have encountered issues with Slack, Zoom, Skype/Teams, CrashPlan, Asset Management, and more.

By the end of my first day at home, I had built a new computer from scratch and had a desk in place.

WFH with Kids

I have two very active school-age boys (7 yrs and 10 yrs) and while their mom is at work in the morning – she works at the airport—I need to take care of them by myself. It has been quite the challenge to get everyone – including myself—on a regular sleep-, eat, and work/school schedule. This explains why I try to schedule all my Zoom meetings and phone calls for the midday and evening.

Problems and Solutions

For myself, setting boundaries so that I am not always available has been challenging. Since it is difficult to work in the morning – I can provide quick answers in the AMs—my schedule has shifted to a later time and I am now available until 6:00 pm

For my boys, the challenge has been to be stuck inside and not be able to see their friends.

I try to make sure that they don’t just hang out in front of their computers to do their school work and to play. Every two hours we do a physical activity.

Not So Good News

A childhood friend of mine, 41 years old, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and he was recently placed on a ventilator. Luckily, it looks like he is slowly improving. Though he is suffering of seasonal allergies, he is otherwise, as far as I know, a healthy man. This is simply scary.

A Different Easter

It will be Easter this weekend but it surely will be different this year.

We will not be able to get together with the extended family. Instead, we will be reaching out via Google Duo. We will still have an Easter egg hunt and the kids will get their Easter baskets but this will all have to take place in front and behind the house.

We will also stream Easter service and I will be preparing smoked baby back ribs and smoked ham. Sorry, I will not be able to share the recipes of my secret sauce and rub.

If you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter and if you celebrate Passover, Happy Passover.

What Works for Us

The kids and I try to stay physically active. We lift weights, jump on the trampoline, run in the yard, and ride our bikes. We also discovered Lego’s Chain Reactions and simply love it. I also enjoy cooking meals with my boys.

In addition I also found a great WFH calendar on this site and my family and I try to stick to it.
Actually this site offers many other really useful tips and ideas.

What Can I Do for You?

I look at it this way, we are all in this together and we will also be able to get through this together. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Stay safe and healthy!