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Milena Andzelm and Shelly Choo
For the first time since 2000, there are two winners of the annual Henderson Prize.  Milena Andzelm was recognized for her research on “The Role of Myosin II in Natural Killer Cell Effector Function”, performed in the lab of Higgins Professor of Biochemistry, Jack Strominger, of MCB.  Shelly Choo was also awarded, for her project, “Structural and Biochemical Studies of N-terminal Region of the Temperature-Sensing TRPV Ion Channels”, undertaken in the lab of Assistant Professor Rachelle Gaudet, also of MCB.  Each winner will receive a $350 book award, a framed certificate, and a copy of “Fitness of the Environment” by Laurence J. Henderson.  The late Professor Henderson (1878-1942) was known for his research on blood biochemistry.

Each year, to determine prize winners, the Board of Tutors in Biochemical Sciences reviews all senior theses that have been evaluated as outstanding (receiving letter grade A) by both thesis readers.  As Head Tutor, Rachelle Gaudet noted, “this year, the committee had the difficult task of evaluating 10 nominated theses, and decided to declare a tie….Both Shelly and Milena described their progress in an exciting research area using several different techniques and approaches.” Prof. Gaudet adds, “It is especially gratifying to see Shelly and Milena share the Prize, since they have been very involved in the Biochemical Sciences Concentration.  Together, they established the Biochem Social Club, organizing social events for their fellow concentrators over the last couple of years.”


The Hoopes Prize

This 2006, the Thomas T. Hoopes Prize has been awarded to six members of the graduating class from Biochemical Sciences.  Funded by the estate of Thomas T. Hoopes, ’19, the Prize is awarded for outstanding scholarly work or research as evidenced in senior theses.  Winners receive a $2,500 award, with an additional $750 going to their faculty sponsors.  This year, Milena Andzelm received an honorable mention for her research in the Strominger lab, while Shelly Choo was one of the winners (see above for their research projects).  Other winners are: Robert Cohen, working in the Steve Harrison lab, for “The Functional Studies of the Budding Yeast Kinetochore Protein Mif2p by X-ray Crystallography and Biochemistry”; J. Sawalla Guseh for his research on “Studies on Lung Progenitors in Pulmonary Organogenesis” in Doug Melton’s lab; Jessica Kim for “Characterization of the Oncogenic Activity of the Microphthalmia-associated Transcription Factor Family” in David Fisher’s lab; and Xiaolong Zhou for his work in Tomas Kirchhausen’s lab on “Characterization of the Role of Rab5 and the Clathrin Heavy Chain C-Terminus in Clathrin-mediated Endocytosis”. 

A reception for graduating seniors in Biochemical Sciences was held May 25 at the Center for European Studies, where prize winners were specially congratulated.

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