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Wishing Everyone a Happy Break!

Wishing Everyone a Happy Break!

On November 23rd and November 24th, the university will be closed for Thanksgiving break. We’d like to wish everyone who observes the holiday a happy turkey day! 

We also want to acknowledge that some people at Harvard do not celebrate the holiday for personal, religious, or other reasons. Many see Thanksgiving as a National Day of Mourning rather than thanks, in view of the impact the arrival of Europeans to North America had on Native American land and life.

Others have joined us from cultures that do not celebrate Thanksgiving, or do so on a different day. Still others may not celebrate with biological family but rather with their chosen family.

Alternative ways to spend the week include participating in National Games and Puzzles Week or celebrating Native American Heritage Month

However you spend the day, take some time to learn about ways to support the Native community, or spend time helping those in the Cambridge or Greater Boston areas.