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I started my pursuit of the secrets of life from high school. I went for the biology Olympiad. I was selected to the International Biology Olympiad in 2016 and met future biologists from across the world.

I obtained my BS degree in Biological Science from Peking University in 2020. I worked in Prof. Yulong Li’s lab for three years. The lab develops genetically-encoded sensors for detecting various neurotransmitters in vivo. I tried to use directed evolution to facilitate engineering of such sensors. I explored CRISPR base editors for the diversification of such sensors. I also tried to set up a continuous evolution cycle involving Sindbis virus for generating sensors with ideal ligand selectivity.

I stayed in Professor Adam Cohen’s lab here during the 2019 summer. I took advantage of their self-built ultra widefield microscope for efficient photo-selection of outperforming sensor candidates.

I am interested in translating scientific research progress into products that benefit human beings. I once worked as an intern in a company that aims at early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases by evaluating eye movements. I am now participating in another internship program in a brain-machine interface company.

I like reading, listening to music, drinking tea, eating fish, hanging out and playing mahjong. I have volleyball experiences, so please expect to meet me at the Rhino League games!