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David Livingston

Academic Tutor

Emil Frei Professor of Medicine


My research program is aimed at understanding the functional properties of four sets of nuclear proteins, each of which plays a major role in the suppression by human cells of certain transformed/neoplastic characteristics. They are the pocket protein family (pRB, p107, p130); p300 and CBP; p400 and TRRAP; and BRCA1 and 2. Analysis of the functions of BRCA1 and 2 as breast/ovarian cancer suppressing elements serve as our link to the Breast Cancer Program, and the work on the other three sets of transformation suppressing proteins underlie our participation in the Cancer Cell Biology Program. Futhermore, our laboratory contributes to an ongoing nodal point interaction between these two Programs. We are also working on converting elements of recent discovery of p300/CBP function into new screens for small molecule agents that interfere with hypoxia-driven tumor survival/proliferation responses.