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Curriculum and Pedagogy Manager

Denise Yoon

Curriculum and Pedagogy Manager


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I first got involved with teaching when I was an undergraduate at Brown University, where I studied Neuroscience and Comparative Literature. As someone who was interested in intersections and the confluence of fields, people, and ideas, I felt that teaching was a collaborative process of sharing and building knowledge together, similar to how interdisciplinary work is conducted. I followed this drive to learn more about teaching during my Ph.D. in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard, where I studied fruit fly behavior under naturalistic conditions in Ben de Bivort’s lab and sought out training in pedagogy and curriculum development, focusing on equitable and inclusive pedagogy and community centered learning environments.

My most rewarding and favorite teaching experiences have been in introductory courses, such as intro to statistics and coding and courses in the Gen Ed program, so I am excited to be a Curriculum and Pedagogy Manager for LS1b, where students will be learning foundational material for any life science oriented field.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing games, doing puzzle hunts, and keeping up to date with the local goings on in Somerville and Cambridge.