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Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies (CPB/MCB)

Dominic Mao

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies (CPB/MCB)

Lecturer in MCB

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Additional Information

Office Hours: For an appointment, please

  • Find a convenient free/blank space in my calendar between 9:30am and 4:30 pm Mon-Fri
  • Email me with this preferred date/time for confirmation
  • Meet me at 095 Sherman Fairchild Building (7 Divinity Ave); click on map below for google map directions

Personal Statement

Dominic Mao grew up in India where he completed his Bachelor and Master degrees in Biochemistry from St. Xavier’s college and Gujarat University. He earned his PhD from the University of Cincinnati in microbial molecular genetics studying genome stability in archaea. He worked with Matthew Meselson at Harvard University as a postdoc studying aging and radiation resistance using Bdelloid rotifers. As a lecturer in MCB, he is interested in developing strategies to effectively integrate research into the undergraduate curriculum in order to make research accessible to undergraduates. Outside the classroom, he is involved in STEM outreach by means of sharing resources and creating mentoring networks.