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Bussey Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Elena Kramer

Bussey Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology


Our laboratory is very broadly interested in the evolution of plant reproductive morphology. We use molecular, developmental, and phylogenetic approaches to study how plants (mostly flowers) have changed over the course of evolutionary time. Research projects in the lab cover a range of topics, including comparative developmental and transcriptomic studies of novel morphological features; the consequences of gene duplication for the evolution of gene function as well as floral morphology; and the developmental and genetic mechanisms that underlie morphological diversification, especially in petals.

As a lab, our goal is to create a work environment that is respectful, inclusive and equitable, and in which every individual feels safe to be their authentic self. We recognize that our research is enhanced by a diversity of thought and experiences and thus we welcome and actively seek out lab members from all backgrounds. As a group and as individuals, we seek to continually educate ourselves on systemic racism and how to combat it in academia and in our everyday lives. To these ends, we are actively engaged in outreach and antiracism efforts within Harvard and across the broader botanical community. We hope that these efforts will help address the chronic underrepresentation of diverse scientists in botany, which has been colored by a history of colonialism and exploitation.