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Luolan Bai

Graduate Student

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About Me

My given name Luolan means “violet (the plant)” in Chinese, while my family name can be interpreted as “white”. I was born and raised in Wuhan, a city in central China lying on the middle reaches of Yangtze River (Changjiang). In 2014, I moved to Beijing for college. Having found life sciences to be full of fun and beauty, I majored in Biological Science at Peking University.

Back at Peking, I studied the functional interplay between histone chaperones and chromatin remodelers in heterochromatin silencing, mainly with yeast genetics and biochemistry. In addition, for the summer in 2017,  I was involved in a project here at MCB studying bacterial chromosome dynamics with time-lapse imaging and image analysis. It was fun to study chromosomes from two very different perspectives.

For graduate research, I’m interested in studying biology in an interdisciplinary way, combining experimental and quantitative approaches. I wish to explore fields including physical biology and systems biology during rotations. While bacteria and chromosomes remain fascinating objects for me, I’m also excited to explore the infinite other possibilities that MCO has to offer.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy wandering in art museums. When I have holidays, I love traveling to various corners of the world and perhaps visiting ancient architecture. Allured by the underwater wonders, I have recently been certified as Open Water Diver and look forward to future scuba diving adventures. A fan of Doctor Who, by the way.