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Monica Boselli

Curriculum and Pedagogy Manager

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Personal Statement

I am originally from Italy. It is the love for science and research that brought me to the US.

I did my PhD in Angelika Amon’s lab, studying the effect of aging on meiosis in budding yeast and subsequently I was a research fellow in the Finley lab, at Harvard Medical School, studying the mechanisms of protein degradation in the context of neurodegeneration, using mouse models of tauopathies. More recently at MIT, as a senior scientist, I studied the consequences of aneuploidy on cell physiology.

Over the years, besides doing research, I have been a teaching fellow, then an adjunct faculty in a small college in Boston. I love mentoring students just as much as I love research, and I teach because I like to share the beauty of biology and its impact on us and our society. I strongly believe that biology and science education will enable students to be critical and independent thinkers for whatever profession they may choose. As a scientist, with a significant number of years of biological research experience, I tried to bring the importance of research and critical thinking to each class or laboratory I taught.

In my current position as a Preceptor for LS1b, I hope to use my experience and passion for teaching, curriculum development and research to support the students.