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Phuoc Tien Tran

Graduate Student

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About Me

I am curious about how life works, about the players and the mechanisms that underlie the complexity and the beauty of this world. This interest has been a driving factor for me to seek out more and more opportunities to learn and participate in science. I grew up in Vietnam and had most schooling there before coming to Carleton College for my undergraduate study in Biology. After graduation, I worked for three years as a technician in Dr. Samara Reck-Peterson’s lab in UC San Diego, researching on intracellular transport. Particularly, I studied the mechanisms regulating kinesins and dynein, enzymes that use energy to physically transport materials in the cells along microtubules.

At MCO, I’m looking forward to pursuing my interests in neurobiology and stem cells. I hope to use and improve my background in cell and molecular biology to gain mechanistic insights into the functions and development of individual neuron and stem cell and their populations. I’m also challenging myself to be open-minded and expose myself to diverse scientific questions and methodologies. Along the way, I also aim to master how to communicate science eloquently to wide arrays of audiences.

Besides science, I enjoy cooking and exploring cuisines. Classical music is also an important part of my life. I have been playing the piano for 15 plus years and I’m still actively practicing one new piece at a time. I also enjoy frequent walks and excursions to explore new places, and I am always up for new experiences!