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Name Title Appointment type Lab / Office Building Room Contact
Giselle Grenier Executive Assistant Administrative Staff Takao Hensch, John Dowling NW NW 347 giselle_grenier@harvard.edu
Takao Hensch Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Professor, Neurology (Children’s Hospital)
Director, Child Brain Development (CIFAR)
Faculty Takao Hensch NW NW 347.10 hensch@mcb.harvard.edu
Nathaniel Hodgson Research Associate, MCB Research Associate Takao Hensch NW NW 347 nathaniel.hodgson@childrens.harvard.edu
Kathleen Hoffman Lab Administrative Coordinator Research Staff Takao Hensch NW NW 240 kathleenhoffman@fas.harvard.edu
Carolyn Johnson Research Associate, MCB Research Associate Takao Hensch NW NW 347.10 carolyn_johnson@fas.harvard.edu
Henry Lee Research Fellow in Neurology, HMS Postdoctoral Fellow Takao Hensch CLS CLS 13045 henrylee@mcb.harvard.edu
Amaka Onyewadume Research Assistant Research Staff Takao Hensch - chukwuamaka.onyewadume@childrens.harvard.edu
Darred Surin Research Assistant Affiliated Research Staff Takao Hensch CLS - darred.surin@childrens.harvard.edu
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