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Doeke Hekstra
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Name Title Appointment type Lab / Office Building Room Contact
Kevin Dalton Postdoctoral Fellow Postdoctoral Fellow Doeke Hekstra NW NW 305
Doeke Hekstra Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Assistant Professor of Applied Physics (SEAS)
Faculty Doeke Hekstra, Hekstra NW NW 311.11
Margaret Klureza Graduate Student Graduate Student Doeke Hekstra NW NW 311
Candice Sheehan Research Assistant I Lab Research Assistant Doeke Hekstra NW NW 311
Lin Song Administrative Lab Coordinator Administrative Staff David Cox, Doeke Hekstra, Alex Schier NW NW 311, BL 1029
617-495-5651, 617-496-4845
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