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BioLabs Rhinos Dress Up in Barbie-Inspired Outfits for Halloween

It’s a time-honored Halloween tradition for the MCO G1s to dress up the two rhino statues, aka Bessie and Victoria, that stand outside the main entrance to the…

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Happy Halloween from the 1st-year MCO Students!

[caption](l to r) Ewelina Nowak, Maya Waarts, Faisal Alzaben, Miranda Gavitt, Maati McKinney, Peter Liu, Chenlei Hu, Jerry Yao, Katelyn Comeau, and Serafina Nieves (not shown)[/caption]

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Happy Halloween from MCB!

This year, Halloween will be different for everyone, including Bessie and Victoria (the rhinos in front of the BioLabs). As everyone organizes their last-minute costumes for Zoom get-togethers…

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