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Pietro de Camilli to Present 2024 Konrad Bloch Lecture on April 11

This year’s Bloch lecture will be delivered by HHMI Investigator Pietro de Camilli whose research centers on neuronal cell biology in health and disease. At Yale University, where…

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On March 14, Helen Hobbs Presents 2019 Bloch Lecture

Following in the footsteps of our esteemed former colleague, Konrad Bloch, UT Southwestern Professor and HHMI Investigator Helen Hobbs investigates the genetic determinants of cholesterol levels  and cardiovascular…

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On April 19, Steven Henikoff Presents 2018 Bloch Lecture

This year’s Bloch Lecture will be given by Steven Henikoff, Member of the Basic Sciences Division of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Investigator of the Howard…

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On May 18, Yukiko Yamashita Presents 2017 Bloch Lecture

Yukiko Yamashita obtained her Ph.D from Kyoto University, Japan, completed the postdoctoral fellowship with Minx Fuller at Stanford University (2001-2006), She started her own laboratory at the University…

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This year’s Bloch Lecture will be given by Denis Duboule, a pioneer in revealing the roles of Hox genes in development and evolution. Duboule earned his PhD in…

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