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Graduate Student, MCO

Anastasia Repouliou

Graduate Student, MCO

About Me

When I was 10, I went into a bookstore and picked out a book on astronomy. Even though my focus gradually changed from the macroscopic to the microscopic world, I still have the book over my desk, because it ignited my passion for science, which never wavered since. I studied molecular biology at Princeton, where I worked on phase-separating intracellular organelles. Now, I am looking forward to exploring new fields, especially my fascination with the brain and neurodegenerative disease. In college, I also pursued certificates in global health policy and bioethics, not only because I am interested in politics and philosophy, but because I find it very important for scientists to be well-versed in such applications of research on society more widely. Outside of lab, I am very passionate about theater; beyond attending, I also act, direct, and write. Even though I love theater particularly, I am fond of art in all its forms, and, perhaps as the logical combination of science and art, I am extremely fond of science fiction. Book recommendations very welcome.