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Bo Liu

Graduate Student

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About Me

There are abundant fascinating phenomena in living systems. Topics like cellular signaling dynamics and population collective behavior, demonstrate life’s capability to maintain orderly function and self-organize towards a better state, despite immense complexity and ubiquitous stochasticity. Majoring in Integrated Science at Peking University, I have conducted undergraduate researches in Computational Systems Biology, e.g. simulated the population dynamics to investigate whether cross-feeding in microbial ecosystem is evolutionarily stable, and explored the detailed kinetic proofreading mechanism in translation with ribosome then studied the energy-speed-accuracy trade-off in this system.

For graduate studies, on one hand, I expect to further equip myself more expertly with statistical physics, information theory and stochastic process. Biology is a very complex systems usually concerning numerous components to function synergistically, and operates in a non-equilibrium level by consuming energy and processing information actively. So, I believe these subjects are promising to help us better decipher what is life. On the other hand, I am interested in cutting-edge interdisciplinary technologies, in particular advanced imaging tools, to unravel the underlying dynamics, organizational and physical principles from measured data in cellular activities and neural tissues.

One thing I found intriguing and rewarding in academia is scientific communication with knowledgeable and interesting people. Therefore, I expect to have a pleasant journey with MCO students and professors. Besides academic activities, I enjoy reading, exercising, music, movies and traveling.