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Daniel Henthorn

Graduate Student

About Me

My hometown is in Mustang, Oklahoma, which is a rural exurb of Oklahoma City. Here I grew up on a small cattle farm and ranch. I went to a small college-preparatory high school in OKC, 40-60 minutes from my house. In high school I was rigorously challenged and loved my classes and supportive educators. My passion for science I believe was fostered by my dad’s career, who manages a flow cytometry/microscopy core facility at OU and I would spend many days of my summers in his lab meeting people and learning. I have always felt at home with scientific minds. I went to Oklahoma State University and enjoyed studying biochemistry/molecular biology and microbiology. I also became involved in research with my S. aureus projects with Dr. Gustafson at OSU and working on RNA with Dr. Parker at CU-Boulder with HHMI, who have both been great mentors. My other passions are to be involved with outdoor activities such as rock climbing, slacklining, fishing, and hiking. Recently I was living out of my car in México for two and a half months climbing and exploring the country.