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Dennis Brookner

Graduate Student

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About Me

I was raised in Bridgewater, NJ, a large, quiet suburb in central Jersey of around forty thousand. I went to Yale as an undergraduate, and I like to say that living in New Haven was like playing City on “”easy”” mode; I’m excited to move to Cambridge and crank the dial up to “”medium””!

I majored in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, and I’m most interested in structural biology. Specifically, I’m interested in how structural techniques are increasingly able to describe not just a static structure but also how proteins move and function in solution. My work has typically been very “”zoomed in,”” focusing on a single purified protein in vitro; while I suspect that that will continue, I’m excited to collaborate with and learn from classmates who are putting the C and O in MCO.

Outside of the lab, you can find me singing or playing bassoon or saxophone, and occasionally futzing around with a piano or guitar. I do the New York Times crossword almost every day. I’m also the proud co-founder of Puntalytics, the world’s only twitter account devoted exclusively to football punting analytics – shoot us a follow @thepuntrunts.