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Dvir Reif

Postdoctoral Fellow

About Me

I was born in Israel, but my family moved to the US when I was little, so I’ve lived most of my life in the Bay Area. Growing up, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but fortunately, after taking AP Bio in high school, I chose to pursue an MCB (Molecular and Cell Biology) major at UC Berkeley and found it intriguing and exciting to study. I was unbelievably fortunate to join the Nogales Laboratory on campus after my sophomore year, and very quickly realized how amazing and inspiring research is and knew it was something I had to pursue. I also minored in Computer Science, through which I learned the value of applying the ideas and concepts of computational methods into my research. Now starting grad school, I am very open to learning about and combining different fields, techniques, and approaches and look forward to finding an exciting project to work on. As of now I am particularly interested in structural biology, epigenetics, and RNA, and am looking forward to being exposed to many more fields. Aside from my interests in science, I cannot complete a summary about me without including my love for my dog Toto, Harry Potter, reading in general (mostly science fiction but I’m open to other genres and would love suggestions), movies, TV, and exploring new places.