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Kumaresh Krishnan

Postdoctoral Fellow

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About Me

I am interested in interdisciplinary research and have a keen interest to learn more about the lesser known drives my academic goals. I bring to the table a sound background in computer science and electronics that I am eager to apply in the domain of biology. The brain has never ceased to fascinate me and that has brought me to the area of Computational Neuroscience that helps me find a middle ground across my interests. I graduated from the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, India in July 2018, with a Masters degree. In my time at Harvard I look forward to exploring and explaining specific functions of the brain, combining both computational and experimental skills.

The smooth flight of a badminton shuttle and the beats of a bouncing basketball keep me occupied on most evenings to lend the healthy distraction from academic work. A tryst with rhythm from my childhood has left me as a professional percussionist (Mridangam – Indian classical percussion instrument) and I continue to give performances.

Faith, family and friends are critical to my life. The two aspects I value most are transparency and time and I am a firm believer that timely communication can bridge the biggest of gaps. Don’t be fooled by the serious face, there is quite a lovable person inside!