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Stephan Foianini

Graduate Student

About Me

I grew up in a military household that moved frequently: from Hawaii, to Virginia, to Germany. After my father finished his deployment as a US Army surgeon we moved to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Both of my parents have familial ties to Bolivia so we moved to be closer to our extended family. This regular shift in environment made my life as a third culture kid both an amazing and difficult experience. Many aspects of my life changed whenever we moved; however, my interest in science remained constant. Since my early childhood, I have always been fascinated by the natural world. When I was very young, I was obsessed with dinosaurs and wanted to become a paleontologist. Over time, my scientific interests diversified to include marine biology, astronomy, ecology, and most recently, neuroscience. In 2011 I started my undergraduate studies at Boston University. Although I was undecided about my major for the first two years, I was sure that I wanted to dedicate myself to science. I took courses in a variety of subjects until I finally decided to major in biology with a focus on behavioral biology. After graduating, I worked in a number of labs including the Engert Lab here at Harvard University. There, my interest in neuroscience and in pursuing a PhD were further solidified. Although I am primarily interested in behavioral neuroscience, I am excited to use this opportunity at MCO to broaden my knowledge and explore unfamiliar areas of research. Outside of the lab, I love all types of games, including board games, video games, tabletop games, and trading card games. I enjoy everything related to sci-fi and fantasy. I am also a huge foodie and I love finding new restaurants and trying new foods with friends.