Graduate Coursework



Fall and Spring Semester Requirements

MCO students complete core foundation courses that correspond to broad areas of research:

  • Genetics, Genomics and Evolutionary Biology (MCB 291)
  • Cellular Biology, Neurobiology and Developmental Biology (MCB 292)
  • Biochemistry, Chemical, and Structural Biology (MCB 293)
  • Mathematics in Biology (MCB 111)

Additional Courses

  • Journal Club (MCB 290)
  • Two elective courses
  • Winter Nanocourses
  • Responsible Conduct of Research


Fall Semester Requirements

During the fall semester, EPB students enroll in the following course:

Interesting Questions in Engineering and Physical Biology (MCB 294)
In addition, EPB students complete two electives in consultation with the EPB faculty track leaders, ordinarily chosen from the three MCO foundation courses. (As listed above: MCB 291, MCB 292, and MCB 293.)

Spring Semester Requirements

In the spring semester, students enroll in the following course:

Laboratory in Engineering and Physical Biology (Engineering Sciences 224)

In consultation with track leaders, students also choose two electives.