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Graduate Financial Support

Financial Support

Provided that satisfactory progress is maintained, all students admitted to the program receive full financial support for five years (and with Department and Advisor approval thereafter). This includes full tuition and fees, a competitive stipend, and health insurance. In 2023-2024, MCO students each receive $3,808 per month in addition to full tuition and health insurance benefits.

While all admitted students are guaranteed full support, all applicants, regardless of citizenship, are strongly encouraged to apply for non-Harvard fellowships or scholarships from resources such as the National Science Foundation. International applicants may be eligible for funding sources offered through their home country and should investigate local opportunities prior to submitting an application.

Students who do not receive a fellowship prior to admission are encouraged to submit a fellowship proposal during their first year in the program. MCO Graduate Students have a high success rate receiving fellowships from institutions such as the National Science Foundation, National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and others.

Applicants to the Program in Molecules, Cells and Organisms should not complete the Statement of Financial Resources for Graduate Study as part of the Application for Admission.


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