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Life Sciences 1b: An Integrated Introduction to the Life Sciences: Genetics, Genomics, and Evolution

Total time commitment is 0.4 FTE

Salary for Teaching Fellows: $2,210 – 2,478 per month

Course description:

Life Sciences 1b is a spring-semester course that integrates molecular biology, genetics, genomics and evolution. The course is large (typically about 400 students), with the majority of students being freshmen. This course takes an integrated approach, showing how genetics and evolution are intimately related, together explaining the patterns of genetic variation we see in nature, and how genomics can be used to analyze variation. The focus of this course is on the fundamental features of Mendelian genetics, quantitative genetics, and population genetics.

Dates:  January-May 2023

  • Lectures: M/W/F (contingent on scheduling)
  • Section/Lab: Tue-Fri


  • Attend lectures
  • Attend staff meetings (1 hour/week)
  • Prepare and lead one discussion & laboratory section (~3 hours) per week (12 sections/semester; size: ~12-16 students)
  • Grade and return assignments (i.e. problem sets, lab assignments)
  • Hold office hours (1 hour/week/section).
  • Proctor midterms and/or final exam, potentially help pre-run exams.
  • Be available by email to answer student questions throughout the semester.
  • Attend two-three days of TF training in January prior to the beginning of the course.

 To apply:

Please email lsci1b@fas.harvard.edu and include your CV. We will be conducting interviews and hiring primarily in October-December. Final hiring is contingent on student enrollment.