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Name Title Appointment type Lab / Office Building Room Contact
Yongmi Choi Postdoctoral Fellow Postdoctoral Fellow Jeeyun Chung NW NW 454 yongmichoi@fas.harvard.edu
Jeeyun Chung Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology Faculty Jeeyun Chung NW 469.30 jeeyunchung@fas.harvard.edu
Joshua Corbo Graduate Student Graduate Student Jeeyun Chung NW NW 454 joshua_corbo@g.harvard.edu
Audrey Dallmeyer Faculty Assistant III Administrative Staff Craig Hunter, Jeeyun Chung / Lab Administration BL BL 3044 adallmeyer@mcb.harvard.edu
Holden Hadfield Research Assistant I Lab Research Staff Jeeyun Chung NW NW 454 hhadfield@fas.harvard.edu
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