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Undergraduate Chemical and Physical Biology (CPB) CPB Coursework Overview

CPB Coursework Overview


Uniting Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Biology is just applied chemistry, and chemistry is just applied physics—or so the adage goes. The Chemical and Physical Biology (CPB) concentration focuses on using the tools of modern physics and chemistry to understand biology by probing the fundamental physical and chemical processes that underpin living systems.

Concentrators will require proficiency in mathematics and physics as well as a broad background in both chemistry and biology. Unlike traditional undergraduate biology programs, CPB emphasizes quantitative, physical, and chemical tools; it’s intended primarily for students considering careers in research

Personalized Tutorial Program

Concentrators will also be assigned a tutor from the Board of Tutors in Biochemical Sciences. You can read more about the Tutorial Program here.

Course Descriptions:

Click here for a summary of the MCB gateway course (MCB 60) and the other offerings within the concentration, organized into four major subject areas. The MCB gateway and intermediate courses are required for CPB concentrators as well.