Harvard University COVID-19 updates


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TEA TIME every Thursday from 3-5pm in the concentration office. Please feel free to drop by to chat about how your week is going while munching on some cakes, cheese, and crackers.


  • Wed, Oct 12th, 7-8pm: Grad school and fellowship panel (Concentration office)
  • Mon, Oct 31st, 5-7pm: Halloween Party (Fairchild 2nd Floor Collegial Space)
  • Tue, Nov 15th, 5-7pm: “Which Ya Gonna Choose” Surf-and-Turf Pre-concentrator Party (Concentration office)
  • Fri, Dec 2nd, 4:30-6:30pm: Concentration Declaration Party (basement of NW labs)
  • Fri, Dec 9th, 5-7pm: MCB/CPB Holiday Party (Concentration office)


  • Winter break breakfast: staying on campus during January? Come sample Lisa’s hot breakfast and a cup of coffee.


  • Senior Celebration: congratulations to senior concentrators!
  • More coming soon!


  • BBQ: all life science concentrators are invited to a summer BBQ.


  • Movie Night: Could Jurassic Park come true? What about Jurassic World? Or Contagion? Watch a favorite movie and chat with scientists afterwards about what is possible and what is Hollywood fantasy. If you have a movie to suggest, contact Marty Samuels or Lisa Fountain.
  • Dinners: Have dinner with a faculty member and learn what’s new in cell and molecular biology. Or discuss your favorite biology-related topic.
  • Debate Night: Challenge your friends to a debate about the hottest controversy in the literature. Small groups of students work with a faculty member to choose a paper and argue its strengths and weaknesses. Invite your friends to vote who is most convincing, and win a pound of LA Burdick chocolate. To organize a debate night, contact Marty Samuels.

Student Events Committee:  Want to join a committee of students to help organize concentration events?  Email Marty!