General Mailing Address/ Inquiries

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Harvard University
52 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Veronica Chudik
Administrative Coordinator
phone: (617) 495-2300
fax: (617) 495-9956

Contact Details:

Title Name Email Phone Website
Department Chair Murthy, Venki 617-496-4833
Executive Director Manning, Jessica 617-496-3805
Scientific Director Kehayova, Polina 617-496-9397
Associate Director for Faculty Services Cicerano, Michelle 617-495-3209
Associate Director of Finance Mugimu, Ronnie 617-495-9346
Assistant Director for Financial Systems Wright, John 617-495-9485
Assistant Director for Sponsored Research Hegarty, Nancy 617-496-6580
Assistant Director, Graduate Programs Muindi, Fanuel 617-495-3293
Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator Kropowensky, John 617-496-4037
Human     Resources Coordinator Rizutko, Jack 617-495-0809
Events Coordinator Ossa, Camila 617-495-4448
Director of Operations, Biolabs Costello, Jimmy 617-495-1804
A/V Support Conlin, Jack 617-495-1803
Animal Resources Niemi, Steven 617-384-9576
Building Operations, Biolabs Snow, Eileen 617-495-3778
Building Operations – Northwest Building Jesselynn Opie 617-496-6505 web site
Shipping and Receiving Larry Paige 617-496-9993
Desktop / PC Computer Support 617-495-9000 web site
Drosophila Facility 617-495-4482
Environmental Health & Safety Sid Paula 617-495-2345 web site
Genome Modification Facility 617-495-7991 web site
Harvard Center for Biological Imaging Richardson, Douglas 617-496-5422 web site
Laboratory Services Elwell, Sarah 617-496-5649 web site
Library Dorothy Barr 617-495-1348 web site
mcb graphics 617-496-9159 web site
Research Computing 617-299-9724 web site
Teaching Labs Jack Howard 617-495-4035
Zebrafish Facility Jessica Miller 617-496-8193