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MCB Office Hours

MCB Advising Office Hours


Please feel free to come by our office anytime: our suite offers a small library with a coffee machine and a fridge, multiple study rooms, candy and snacks to power your brain between classes and lab, a kidney couch to lounge on, and even a biochemically-inspired right-handed helical staircase.

Marty’s Open Advising Hours are:
Mondays 11:30am-1:30pm
Tuesdays 9-11am
Thursdays 3-5pm (tea time)
or by appointment. If you’d ever like to schedule a meeting, please email Marty or Lisa with 3 or 4 times that could work for you.

Spring 2017 Study Card Week Advising:
Study cards for the semester have to be approved by Marty by the end of the first week of class (5pm on Fri, Jan 27).
Marty’s advising hours for study card week are:
Thursday, Jan 19, 1-3pm by appointment only
Thursday, Jan 19, 3-5pm OPEN to anyone/everyone
Friday, Jan 20, 1-3pm by appointment only
Monday, Jan 23, 11:20am-5pm by appointment only
Tuesday, Jan 24, 9am-2pm by appointment only
Tuesday, Jan 24, 2-5pm OPEN to anyone/everyone
Wednesday, Jan 25, 11:20am-5pm by appointment only
Wednesday, Jan 25, 5-7pm OPEN to anyone/everyone
Thursday, Jan 26, 9am-noon OPEN to anyone/everyone
Thursday, Jan 26, noon-5pm by appointment only
Friday, Jan 27, 11:30am-5pm OPEN to anyone/everyone
**To schedule an individual, 20-minute appointment with Marty, please follow this link.