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Undergraduate Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) MCB Student Worksheet

MCB Student Worksheet

MCB Concentration requirements

The MCB concentration requirements are summarized in the table below.  The complete listing of requirements is published in the Student Handbook.

Requirements Selections
Foundational courses
2 half courses
LS 1a (or LPS A) and LS 1b
Intermediate biology
2 half courses
MCB 60 and either MCB 63, 64, 65 or 68
Upper level biology
2 half courses
2 courses, at least one of which must be an MCB 100-level course.
A full list of courses that fulfill this requirement is posted here.
1 General chemistry
1 Organic chemistry
General chemistry:  PS1, PS10, PS11, or Chem 40
Organic chemistry:  Chem 17 or Chem 20
Math and computation
1 or 2 half-courses
Math 19a (or higher)
Statistics 110 or Statistics 111
or Math 1b
Math 19a or Statistics 102 or CS50 (or higher)

1 half course in mechanicsPS2, PS12a, Physics 15a or 16, or Applied Physics 50aPhysics
1 half course in electricity and magnetismPS3, PS12b, Physics 15b or Applied Physics 50bResearch
1 semesterAt least one chosen from: LS 100r, MCB 91r, MCB 99, or approved summer research experience.
For more information on getting started in research, click here.  For a list of MCB faculty and their research interests, click here.TutorialClick here for more information.HONORS
1+ Advanced*
1+ Organic Chemistry
Thesis1 additional course from the list posted here*
1 additional organic chemistry (Chem 27 or 30)
Thesis: Required for highest honors eligibility
*One semester of MCB 99 (thesis research) counts as one of the 3 advanced courses required for honors eligibility.