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Neurobio Guides

Neurobiology Resources

Neurobiology FAQs (LINK TO BE ADDED WHEN FAQS site will be ready)

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Neurobiology Research and Thesis

Guide to Finding a Harvard Neuro Lab (LINK TO BE ADDED WHEN Neuro Lab Page will be ready)

Research Funding & Summer Opportunities
LS Research Opportunities Page (LINK TO BE ADDED WHEN Neuro Lab Page will be ready)

Thesis Writing

Thesis FAQs (LINK TO BE ADDED): Thinking about writing a thesis?
Sample Neurobio Theses: current-2007
Senior Thesis Guidelines 2016-2017 (Honor Code page)

Thesis Writing Resources

Harvard Writing Center Senior Thesis Tutors

Neurobiology Careers

Check out our career guide:

What can I do with a degree in Neurobiology? (LINK TO BE ADDED)

How to ask for a recommendation letter(LINK TO BE ADDED)