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Staff Spotlight: Camila Ossa

MCB HR Coordinator Camila Ossa has been named as a recipient of the Dean’s Distinction, one of the most prestigious honors awarded to Harvard staff members. MCB community…

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Staff Spotlight: Clark Magnan, Biology Teaching Labs Manager

Life sciences lab courses require far more than textbooks and paper. Prepwork for a lab course may include ordering reagents or components, mixing solutions, arranging or assembling lab…

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Staff Spotlight: Ronnie Mugimu

MCB Associate Director of Finance and Research Administration Ronnie Mugimu leads a team of administrators who oversee spending and assist faculty with administering grants and funds. The group…

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Spotlight on Udbhav Chitta [Whipple Lab]

Just one year after joining MCB faculty Amanda Whipple’s team, research assistant Udbhav Chitta has gone from RNA biology newbie to official co-author on a new paper that…

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Nancy Hegarty Honored as a Harvard Hero

In 1975, amid the crush of people who flooded into Boston to watch the World Series, Nancy Hegarty had an epiphany. “The roads were a sea of people,”…

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He may have left his bench for a desk and a corner office, but “I didn’t leave science!” insists Fanuel Muindi, MCB’s new Assistant Director of Graduate Programs…

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