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New Faculty Spotlight: Carolyn Elya

Biologist Carolyn Elya will join MCB as a junior faculty member starting in January. Her research centers on a fungus called Entomophthora that infects flies and turns them…

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Gaudet Brings Curiosity and Service to Role as New MCB Chair

Rachelle Gaudet’s two-plus decades at Harvard can be categorized as curiosity- and service-driven. And as of July 2023, she is bringing that perspective to her position as chair…

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Alia Qatarneh Helps Bring Biotech to High Schoolers

Specializing in education was not part of Alia Qatarneh’s plan. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Northeastern, she planned to continue down the traditional academic…

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Staff Spotlight: Camila Ossa

MCB HR Coordinator Camila Ossa has been named as a recipient of the Dean’s Distinction, one of the most prestigious honors awarded to Harvard staff members. MCB community…

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Meet Rhino League Commissioner Samantha Finkbeiner

The time-honored BioLabs tradition of summer Rhino League volleyball tournaments will continue this summer under the leadership of Dulac Lab Research Assistant Samantha Finkbeiner, who competed in last…

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MCB Postdoc Developing New Field of Systems Neurocardiology

Luis Hernandez-Nunez, postdoc in the Engert lab in MCB, is at the forefront of a new field he calls Systems neurocardiology, a combination of control theory, systems neuroscience,…

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Postdoc Spotlight: Adnan Syed

Postdoc Adnan Syed of the Losick Lab is community-oriented in his approach to academic life, as well as in his research on bacterial biofilms. He is a founding member…

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New MCB Professor Promotes Curiosity and Confidence

Jeeyun Chung has been named Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Her lab will study how cells organize and utilize lipids for cellular functions and why their…

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MCO Graduate Student Spotlight: Anastasia Repouliou (Extavour Lab)

Anastasia Repouliou of the Extavour Lab has wanted to be a scientist since the age of 10, when she set her sights on becoming an astrophysicist. “Nobody knows…

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Postdoc Spotlight: Jennifer Chen (Hoekstra and Eddy Labs)

Postdoc Jennifer Chen is exploring the evolution of innate behaviors in closely related species of deer mice. She conducts research jointly in the Hoekstra Lab, which specializes in…

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