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Meet Rhino League Commissioner Samantha Finkbeiner

The time-honored BioLabs tradition of summer Rhino League volleyball tournaments will continue this summer under the leadership of Dulac Lab Research Assistant Samantha Finkbeiner, who competed in last…

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Dulac and Zhuang Labs Create “Cell Atlas” of Aging in the Mouse Brain

Research led by Harvard Junior Fellow William Allen, a joint postdoctoral fellow in Catherine Dulac’s and Xiaowei Zhuang’s Labs, has generated a “cell atlas” of RNA expression in…

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Catherine Dulac Named University Professor, the Seventh Woman to Hold the Honor

Catherine Dulac has been named a Harvard University Professor, only the 23rd to receive this title since its creation 87 years ago in 1935, and the first MCB…

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How the Brain Makes Us Feel Sick [Dulac Lab]

When humans have an infection, like a cold or the flu, they are fatigued and achy, have a reduced appetite and elevated body temperature (aka a fever). Remarkably…

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MCB faculty Catherine Dulac Receives Salpeter Lifetime Achievement Award from Society for Neuroscience

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) has honored MCB faculty Catherine Dulac with the 2021 Mika Salpeter Lifetime Achievement Award. The award celebrates distinguished neuroscientists for their efforts to…

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eLife Paper from the Dulac Lab Featured in Harvard Gazette

The most recent eLife paper from the Dulac lab was just featured in the MCB had previously reported on this publication,    

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The Dark Side of Parenting: Neural Circuits Governing Infanticide [Dulac Lab]

A major goal of modern neuroscience is uncovering the circuit mechanisms that control naturalistic behaviors, including foraging, nesting, and social behaviors such as mating, aggression, and parenting.  These…

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Harvard Science Book Talks: Projections, A Story of Human Emotions by Karl Deisseroth

Few months ago, while we were still in pandemic lockdown, I heard from my friend and colleague Karl Deisseroth that he loved writing and was about to publish…

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