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Nature Over Nurture: Functional Neuronal Circuits Emerge in the Absence of Developmental Activity [Engert Lab]

Understanding how functional neuronal circuits are established during development is a fundamental challenge in neuroscience. During development, the complex neuronal circuitry of the brain arises from limited information…

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Faculty Florian Engert and Bence Ölveczky to Compete in Clipper Round the World Sailing Race

MCB faculty Florian Engert and OEB faculty Bence Ölveczky are spending their sabbaticals on the high seas, competing in a sailboat race around the world. They will launch…

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Luis Hernandez-Nunez Receives Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) Career Award at the Scientific Interface

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) has chosen postdoc Luis Hernandez-Nunez of the Engert Lab as a recipient of its prestigious Career Awards at the Scientific Interface (CASI) grant.…

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How Fish Learn to Ignore Inconsequential Events [Engert Lab]

As a graduate student in the Gabbiani lab at Baylor College of Medicine, I studied how locust brains processed sensory information about an approaching predator and gave rise…

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MCB Postdoc Developing New Field of Systems Neurocardiology

Luis Hernandez-Nunez, postdoc in the Engert lab in MCB, is at the forefront of a new field he calls Systems neurocardiology, a combination of control theory, systems neuroscience,…

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Larval Zebrafish Avoid Obstacles When Escaping Predators [Engert Lab]

In a daily fight for survival, primitive nervous systems evolved the ability to escape from predators using reflexive reactions that save animals from being eaten. As nervous systems…

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Task Force on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Kicks Off New Semester with Engert Lab Open House

The MCB Community Task Force on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) is leading off the new semester with an Engert Lab Open House on Friday, September 2 at…

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Scents of Belonging: An Olfactory-oxytocin Pathway for the Social Regulation of Appetite and Avoidance [Engert- and Kunes Labs]

In a project jointly led by the Kunes and Engert laboratories, co-first authors Caroline Wee, Erin Song, and Maxim Nikitchenko used the larval zebrafish to take a deep…

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