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MCB Postdoc Developing New Field of Systems Neurocardiology

Luis Hernandez-Nunez, postdoc in the Engert lab in MCB, is at the forefront of a new field he calls Systems neurocardiology, a combination of control theory, systems neuroscience,…

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Uchida Lab Postdoc Iku Kimura Receives Funding from Japan Science and Technology Agency

Postdoc Iku Kimura of the Uchida Lab has been awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Japan Science and Technology Agency. The fellowship program, named “Promoting Individual Research to…

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Postdocs Jenny Chen, Souvik Mandal, Tadasu Nozaki, Changwoo Seo, and Rebecka Sepela Awarded Fellowships

This fall, five postdocs from MCB Labs have been awarded prestigious fellowships from notable funding sources, including the NIH, the Harvard Brain Sciences Initiative, the Charles A. King…

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Postdocs Kevin Dalton, Xiaotang Lu, and Sara Pintos dos Santos Matias Receive Research Fellowships

Three postdocs from MCB labs have been awarded fellowships that will support ambitious research projects. Kevin M. Dalton of the Hekstra Lab has received a Career Award at…

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MCB Postdocs Luis Boero, Alina Guse, Nacho Sanguinetti-Scheck, and Fabian Voigt Earn Research Fellowships

Four postdocs from MCB labs recently received fellowships that will enable their research on bacterial gene expression, the olfactory system, deer mouse behavior, and cognition in larval zebrafish.…

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MCO Alum Jenelle Wallace (Ph.D. ‘20) Receives Schmidt Science Fellowship

MCO Graduate Program alum Jenelle Wallace (Ph.D. ‘20, Murthy Lab and Stevens Lab) has received a prestigious Schmidt Science Fellowship that will support her postdoctoral research on the…

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Postdoc Spotlight: María Angélica Bravo Núñez [Murray Lab]

Postdoc María Angélica Bravo Núñez of the Murray Lab was recently named as a 2021 Hanna H. Gray Fellow, a high-profile award from HHMI that funds exceptionally promising…

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MCB Postdocs Awarded Fellowships from the NIH, MBB Interfaculty Initiative, and the Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund

Four postdocs in MCB labs have recently been awarded fellowships that will support their research in biophysics, cell biology, and neuroscience. Two of the postdocs were chosen for…

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